Is there a Champion in you?

‘In Search of a Champion’ is a sustainable
training series that would provide benefits
for both dealers and vendors. It is designed
to empower participants with

  • Competent consultancy that they
    could give customers.
  • Provide up-sell, cross-sell, suggestive
    selling techniques.
  • Ways to handle customer objections.
  • Understanding of USP across different products.
  • Ability to renew or create the sales
    environment and sales focus

Sponcors (2010 edition)

  • sponcors-01
  • sponcors-02
  • sponcors-03
  • sponcors-04
  • sponcors-05
  • sponcors-06
  • sponcors-07
  • sponcors-08
  • sponcors-09
  • sponcors-10